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Healthy Aging tips for Wheelchair Users- Part 2

Posted on September 12th, 2013 in Exercise by ElectricScooterBlogger |

Last time, The Electric Scooter Store discussed how you or someone you may know who uses a wheelchair can benefit from starting to exercise regularly and choose from a variety of sports.  We are continuing on with September’s Healthy Aging Month of promoting a healthy diet and staying fit with your wheelchair or mobility scooter.  In this edition, we’ll talk about two different types of exercises you can do and more additional benefits of exercising in a wheelchair or mobility scooter!

Make sure to remember when you’re first starting out to take itResistance Training slow and keep a steady pace.  You wouldn’t want to over-do it and cause yourself to get hurt!  Set aside a couple hours every other day to devote to exercising.  Getting a friend, family member or spouse to exercise with you is always great motivation and someone there to help, just in case! Make personal exercising goals that you know you can reach. There are two kinds of exercises you can participate in and they are resistance and strength training exercises.

Resistance training can be done anywhere in your home.  Resistance training takes a stretchable band that can be attached to a doorway or similar firm object. Resistance training essentially exercises your muscles using an opposing force, like resistance bands.  It allows you to stretch your arm or legs out while some resistance is challenging your muscles and making them a little stronger.

Strength training uses weight bearing exercises to work out.  Try this for example: Apply your wheelchair brakes and place your hands on the armrest and lift your body up and down.  You can also use lightweight free weights to do bicep curl, for example.

Not only will exercising help you feel and look younger, you’ll increase the flexibility in your joints and muscles and you’ll build up your immune system.  The Electric Scooter Store hopes you maintain an exercise routine and exercise weekly.  Whenever you need help with your wheelchair or mobility scooter, make sure to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have! Happy Exercising!

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